Timber Flooring Over Concrete Slabs – Double Protection

solid timber flooringFor many people building of timber flooring over concrete slab may seem to be something beyond imagination. But the advancement in the field of construction has made almost many tasks possible that too in a positive manner. This is also one of them! Also the availability of some easy to follow options have made the task duly possible.

Solid Timber Flooring – Depends upon the Way Home has been Constructed

Though few options may be a bit difficult! The inclusion of solid timber floors to some extent depends upon the way the home has been constructed which finally decides the best suitable methods. It is a matter of joy to learn that in case the home is under construction or undergoing through a planning stage, then it is possible to incorporate desired type of flooring system into the project.

Best and Easiest Ways of Installing Solid Timber Floors

To be precise, during the construction as well as planning stages, some of the vital points including finished height of the floor can be easily compared with the other components of the structure. Some of the best and easiest ways of installing solid timber floors over the already present concrete slab include:

  • Direct sticking – The method of direct sticking refers to the process of gluing the bards directly to the slab for safety. But this method demands high amount o expertise as well as knowledge for an appropriate installation. There are lots of considerations included with vapor barriers and corrected glue involved with this method. Proper selection of timber along with their placement plays vital role for achieving success.

It must be noted that the flooring chosen for this type of installation is generally comprised of a thinner cross section. This type of flooring is known as overlay flooring. One must have an eagle’s eye while going with this process as a little bit of ignorance may lead to disastrous results.

  • Ply base – In this type of methodology of constructing timber floor, a ply wooden base is fastened to the slab. This works as a sub floor which allows the timber flooring to get fastened to the plywood. In this case also, the correct installation method plays a vital role which includes the proper placement of vapor barriers along with correct fixing of the substrate of the plywood. Correct gluing method must be employed which will definitely fasten the solid flooring to the substrate available.
  • Battens – A batten system can be considered to be similar to the traditional floor residing on a joist and bearer system. You will be glad to learn that the thickness of the battens can be altered as per requirement hence suiting different sorts of applications. This procedure will help in accommodating variable things like variable board widths, height of the finished floor along with fastening option including face mailing. Due attention is also demanded in case of vapor barriers as well.

Hence, it can be concluded that it is possible to have solid timber floor over the already present concrete slab. For better results, it is advised to seek professional advice for avoiding vital problems.  Also, you must have some creative idea of your own to fetch best result!

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