Revamping Old Furniture

The Benefits of Re-vamping old Furniture

What is re-vamping old furniture? Simply stated re-vamping is taking a piece of old and worn out furniture and breathing new life into that piece of furniture. There are any number of reasons that people re-vamp old furniture, we will discuss some of the reasons people re-vamp old furniture and some of the ways to achieve a brand new look.

Why Re-vamp Old Furniture

There are many reasons why people are re-vamping old furniture. If you are on a budget you can make old furniture look new for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new furniture. Many people re-do furniture as a hobby and they then make gifts of the furniture they have fixed. Re-vamping old furniture gives you the ability to add your own personal touch to your furnishings and your home. Lastly, many people re-vamp furniture to make a living, there is a huge market for this type of furniture at this time.

How to Re-vamp Old Furniture

There are so many different ways to re-vamp furniture you could fill an entire book with all of the different methods that can be used. The reason there are so many different ways of rejuvenating furniture is that every individual has their own ideas about how to go about breathing new life into old furniture. Let us discuss some of the most common methods of making old furniture new again.

Stuffed Furniture

When it comes to re-vamping old stuffed furniture, there is no end to the ways of creating like-new furniture for little or no money. Whether you are re-vamping an old couch, love seat, recliner, rocker, or other piece of furniture that is covered in fabric, there are any number of ways to change the look of the furniture. You can re-cover, re-upholster, or re-stuff many pieces of old furniture. If you need to give an old piece of stuffed furniture a cheap and easy make over you can cover it with a slipcover. You can purchase a slipcover or make one of your own. Making your own slipcover allows you to create a personal piece of furniture. You can cover your furniture with colors, patterns, and designs you will never find in a furniture store.
You can re-upholster furniture that is covered with fabric. Re-upholstering involves entirely removing the old fabric and replacing it with new fabric. Re-upholstering furniture allows you to create a unique piece of furniture because you can choose to use so many different types of fabric. Generally, when someone chooses to re-upholster furniture they will also re-stuff the piece as well. This entails removing the old stuffing and adding new stuffing.

Re-vamping Old Furniture made of Wood

There is any number of ways of re-vamping old wooden pieces of furniture. Old wood furniture can be repainted which will give the piece an entirely new look and feel. Some people will repaint old wood furniture and then distress the furniture. Distressing is a method of making the furniture look worn, it is simple to do and there are a couple of different ways to achieve the look. Many people distress old furniture to make money because at this time there is a huge market for distressed furniture. Old wood furniture can be re-stained with many different beautiful stains. Some people will take an old table or chair and change the legs to make the piece look different. With many pieces of furniture, changing the legs is a simple task.
These are just a few of the hundreds of different methods of re-vamping old furniture. If you would like to re-vamp an old piece of furniture in your home there are many places to find ideas. The internet is full of ideas for changing the look of old furniture and there are many magazines that offer ideas as well.