Put in a great shower

Digital showers

There’s no excuse not to have a great shower any more. Whether you fit the unit yourself or not will depend on how competent you are at plumbing, tiling and general DIY. If you’re at an intermediate level, then it’s probably worth not being over-confident as this is a job where things can and usually do go wrong, most notably in the fitting of the tray and shower trap, and in attaching the waste outlet properly.

And even if you are a competent and experienced DIY type, you’ll still probably need someone to lend a hand when you’re fitting the shower surround.

When it comes to the shower itself, you have a dazzling array of options today from power showers to sports showers and digital showers – but you can simplify things by first choosing whether you want a mixer shower or an electric one before deciding which specific brand and model to get.

Mixer showers are generally more powerful as they take both hot and cold water feeds, but if you yearn for a real power shower, you need a big hot water tank and this will empty quite quickly – so you may also need deep pockets, particularly  if you like a long shower. It all depends how much you want a powerful shower. You’ll also need a pump between the tank and the shower itself, or within the shower unit. Alternatively, you could install a high pressure water system via a combi boiler, with a full flow system.

But remember; a mixer shower needn’t be a power shower and a more ‘normal’ flow will make your hot water last a lot longer.

The other option is an electrical shower – whereby the water is heated as it passes over an element in the unit, in the same way as a kettle. The advantage of this type of shower is that you don’t run out of hot water. The disadvantage is in the lack of a powerful flow, but modern electric showers have improved radically in recent years, so don’t write this option off.

There’s really no excuse not put in a great shower any more.

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