Is roof restoring bothering you?

roof restoringAardwolf Roofing is your one stop destination for roofing, roof cleaning, roof restoration, metal roofing, and roof painting or even roof repairs. Yes! This is true. Aardwolf Roofing Company provides you all of these services. Aardwolf Roofing is 100% Australian company, which is a family owned business. They are specialized in roof restoration for more than 10 years.

You do not have to worry about high pricing and hard selling, as commission based sales people are not a part of this company. The people who work for you are the owner, tradesmen and manager, each of whom have an experience for more than 15 years. They provide you a product warranty for about 10 years from DULUX to a 10 years warranty on workmanship. The best part of this company is that they do not ask for deposits or payment until the work is done or until the customers are satisfied.

  • Roofing:

Roofing does not require replacing of the entire roof every time. It is seen that often the rusted screws and sheeting only can be replaced. Or even replacement can be done only in cracked bedding, roof tiles and pointing. In case of restoring of roof, DULUX ACRATEX 962 or ROOF AND TRIM COLORBOND is used. These are a wide range of pre-packed color bond colors, which are semi glossy generally designed to apply on all types of roofs such as galvanized iron roofs.

  • Restoration:

This may include simply cleaning of roof, cleaning and resealing of roof and many more. Roof restoration not only helps you improve the appearance of your home, but also gives you a feeling of safety that the roof above your head is safe and water tight. It is necessary to hire an experienced team for roof restoration, so that they use the proper safety equipments, correct tools and also give you the best advice which is safe and economical as well. The roof restoration process includes some important steps such as:

  • Repair leaks and flashing
  • Replace broken tiles
  • Clean out all gutters
  • High pressure clean roofs and many more
  • Application of 1 coat of roof sealer/primer
  • Application of two coats of DULUX ACRATEX 962
  • Roof Cleaning:

The dirt visible on the roof is mostly because of lichen growth and sometimes mould as well. This is a major problem in case of terracotta tiles. Thus, a sterilizer is used with anti fungicide to clean and ensure the prevention of their re-growth. The steps included in this process are –

  • replace broken tiles
  • repair flashings and leaks
  • fungicidal treatment
  • high pressure clean roof
  • clean out all gutters
  • re-bed loose ridge capping in cement mortar
  • repaint all ridge capping in flexible acrylic mortar
  • replace valleys
  • apply 1 coat of terra-glaze

There are so many other services provided by Aardwolf Roofing, which will not empty your pocket, but will provide safety to you and give a new look to your home. So go and get your roof restored before it is too late.

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