How To Choose The Correct Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

If you are considering installing vinyl flooring in your home, then you will have probably already noticed that there are a range of varieties currently available on the market. If this is your first time buying this type of flooring, then it may benefit you to carry on reading in order to learn more about how to choose the right style for your home and other points that you must think about before you spend any money.

First, it is important to think about both the type of wood you would like to have and also the color and indeed it is perhaps best to think about the color first. In order to help you, one thing you should consider is the room it is for and look at both the size of the room as well as how much light it gets at any given time. These two aspects are important because a small room with limited light is going to feel even more cramped if you have a dark wood finish, so in this instance you would be better to have a lighter hard wood floors in order to make the room feel more spacious than it actually is.

After you know the kind of wood that would be most suitable for your room, you need to think about your budget as this is going to determine the thickness of the flooring that you can then buy. Hardwood flooring can be quite expensive so look at working out the area that is to be covered and then look to see how many packs of wood planks you will need to buy for the floor. One final piece of advice with this is to buy an extra pack as there will be a certain degree of wastage, a professional is going to waste around 2%, but if you are doing it yourself it will be higher, so factor this in when looking at your budget to save being caught short and of course you need to find out how much money people are going to charge you to lay it should you be thinking about not doing the job yourself.
Finally, think about whether or not you want it pre-varnished or if you would like to do this job yourself after the flooring has been laid. The pre-varnished planks will tend to be more expensive in general, but you have to think about the cost of the varnish, it may need two coats, and the time you have to spend on doing the job to see if its worth saving that little bit of money buying the untreated version or not.
Those are the main things you need to take into consideration when looking to buy the correct hardwood flooring for your home and by remembering them you should have no problem in buying something that is going to look amazing. Take your time over this decision because when it is installed it is going to last you for years and the last thing you want is to hate the end result, but have to stick with it due to the cost of replacing it.

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