Easy Window and Door Security Tips

Window and Door Security

The windows and the doors are the most crucial access points into your home. However, with the right planning and preparation, these entries into your home can become secure bottlenecks that can prevent or deter even the most enterprising criminal.

There are lots of easy methods you can implement in order to secure these vital areas of your home and they range from something as simple as some basic yard work to some minor to intermediate home improvement. We’ll spend some time in this article talking about some of these methods.

Start With the Front Door

It seems so obvious that it couldn’t possibly be true, but the fact of the matter is that many home intrusions start with the front door. Given enough time and cover, a devoted intruder can make short work of the locking mechanism on an old wooden door.

To fortify the front door, you may actually need to replace the locks or the door itself entirely. They sell sturdier and hardier slab model doors that are much harder to break into. And, as far as answering the door, it might be prudent to have a peephole – like the kind in hotel doors – installed.


Don’t Forget the Porch Doors

Lots of homes have porches with sliding glass doors. They allow easy access and they make the home look nice too. However, sliding doors pose their own unique set of problems as the second most likely point of entry used by the criminal element.

It’s not because the glass is breakable – that would draw too much attention. Rather, it’s the considerably weak conventional locking that can be forced open with a few good jerks.  To solve this, you simply need to obstruct the sliding track which can easily be done with a long enough two-by-four.


Shed Some Light on the Situation

Visibility can be a big problem when night falls. You can’t always benefit from the light of a full moon and it can be tough knowing what’s out there before you open the front or back door. That’s where a decent set of outside lights can really save the day.

You can find these in any of the major hardware stores, but the best ones come with motion sensors that cast a bright light on anything that comes within range. They are also useful in creating the illusion that someone is, in fact, present at the house (even when you’re not).


Lockdown Those Windows

Thought we forgot, did you? Securing the windows is very important but, lucky for you; most windows come with anti-theft holds that prevent easy access to your home. Another thing that helps is trimming back any tall bushes that flank your ground-level windows. This reduces cover for the intruder.

Another thing you should do, if you haven’t already, is invest in a decent set of curtains or shades. Remembering to draw these shut every night limits how much a criminal can see into your home. If they can’t scope out the area, they have a harder time formulating a plan.


There’s Always Home Security

Lots of different home security sites and providers on the market feature advanced tech that can help secure your doors and windows. For example, the site selecthomesecurity.com offers pulse monitoring systems in addition to sensors that fit seamlessly on your doors and windows. In the case of this particular provider, they make it so that whenever a door or window with a sensor is moved or opened, your alarm detects it and action is taken. Many of these security providers also offer convenient little decals that you can slap on your window, proclaiming that you’re protected. Sometimes that’s enough.